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Hallows’ eve Movie Time- & How-To-Make a PUMPKIN GOOP VAGINA

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

I love these movies, especially during halloween week!

The two old ladies are fucken funny.

I want to be a witch with a talking cat. Oh wait, I already am!

Remember this one? The boy gets turned into a mouse, and the witches are scary looking and have meetings.

How To Make a Pumpkin Goop Vagina

You cut open your pumpkin, and take out all the goopy stuff inside.
Make sure there are no seeds attached to the goop.
Build a little mound with the goop on a table.
Then rub with 2 fingers gently like youre a butterfly rubbing your wings on a bees fur.

Next, slowly insert one finger into the goop which means you have now made the pumpkin goop vagina hole.
Pull your finger in and out, then maybe insert your middle finger too. In and out.
Voilà! You have now built and fingered your very own Pumpkin Goop Vagina.

Bottom right on the table. Here’s My Pumpkin Goop Vagina.

Me and My Twin- Age 5. (I’m a nun-still!)

Merry Samhain!! <3 (I'm gonna have a lot of drinks for the dead this weekend.) ZeBek:.

RLO’s picvid of the Hump Day! #14

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

just some inspiration for B+A.

and after check out these creepy retouched photos of pageant babies,

– R-to-the L-O

Samhain- the name of my Pussy.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


Halloweenie time.

Today. 2 people. Both Americans.

1st person-
Sylvia Plath– born October 27, 1932.

She wrote:

Excellent book. Read it.

She commited suicide on February 11, 1963. (day before Lincoln’s bday.)
and it looked a little something like thiiiiiis;

Moving on.

2nd person-

Roy Lichtenstein – born October 27, 1923.

You know him for doing such things as dots and pop art;

I also got to see this for myself in Barcelona, Spain a couple of weeks ago.

Photo: ZeBek

Go look at Roy’s stuff for yourself in person. His work is really neat.

Merry Samhain,

Hello Kitty ‘Three Apples’ Exhibit Opening Gala (with open bar!)

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Deja invited me to be her date for the opening of Hello Kitty’s 3 apples exhibit yesterday.

ZeBek, Deja and Stacy

ZeBek and Deja

It was held at at Royal/T in Culver City, CA.
There was a carpet, and celebrities, and free booze! that and a bunch of hello kitty art.
Unfortunately i do not have a camera at the moment, except for my fancy iPhone- yay. So you get to see shitty photos i took in the dark. =)

Some of my Fav. pieces from the event;

And my FAV.

I noticed a lot of artists played on The Virgin theme-
Here’s one.

There were also some sexy time Hello Pussy’s. Tell me now, ha… what do you see here??

and here?


This exhibit will be running from October 23 to November 15. I suggest you go to it if you dig the cat. She’s 35 years old this year. PLUS ITS FREEEEEEEEEE.

Some artists showing their Hello Kitty work include:
Ron English
Kimora Lee
Frank Kozik
Tara McPherson


RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #12! and 13!!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

So for a min. we fell off, because we was traveling the world. Taking over Europa ain’t easy.
We’re back in business and ready to throw some shit at you. mmm, Scheiße!!

Now RLO:

See me, doing the Napoleon(in Paris, France!)

check out this cool vid for Douster. rawr!

Triassic from natilu on Vimeo.

– r to the lo

I swear! I swear!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

this ish is about to get updated, SOOOOOON.

meow. ciao,

p.s. sooon!

RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #11! European Shenanigans part uno

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009



Gonna see some dead people today at the catacombs and cemetery in parisss!

— R to the L-O

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