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ZeBek Reports on Masturing of the Bating

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Hi Zebek! My name is Casey and Im a huge fan and I was wondering if I could ask you a question for your zine. I feel super guilty after I masturbate but I always find myself back at it. Is this normal and are there any longterm side effects to doing the dirty? Thanks!

-So I’m not sure if questions like this are real or not, but I will answer them as if they are legit. =P –

ZeBek says:
I will answer your question with a question. Why the hell would you feel guilty about masturbating? If you can answer this I’m sure I can answer your question better. :)

I know in my case if I don’t cum for a long time I start having dirty dreams including vampire orgies and I wake up realizing I’m humping my pillow. I don’t recommend you go a long time with out making some Jamaican jerk. ;)

Nothing will happen if you masturbate except that you may cum.

Now, if you’re having naughty thoughts about kids or animals while you masturbate then you better feel dirty and gross and guilty and after these feelings make sure to click this link.

So know that masturbation is normal. Your mom and dad probably do it, together and separately. Don’t feel bad about it. And when you do feel like shit over it just think of how pretty much every adult in your life does it and maybe someone is thinking of you while they are touching themselves. True story, ask around. =)
For more info. check out this site Go Ask Alice , or email me ( )


Charles Manson, Sharon Tate/LaBianca murders, Project MK-ULTRA

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the Sharon Tate/LaBianca murders. In honor of the murders I went to La Luz de Jesus Gallery to get schooled on insanity by Adam Gorightly. He gave a very awesome presentation pertaining to Black Magic, Mind Control and The Manson Family. There I learned more about;
Project MK-ULTRA

Sharon Tate (she was 8 1/2 months pregnant when she was killed) was married to Roman Polanski- he directed Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Sorry that i’m keeping it a little too real, but it’ll help you understand the horrific truth that was with Charles Manson and his clan.
I got this photo from
Serial Killer Calendar

I havent fully discovered my odd fascination with the whole Manson thing, but I do know that I am not a Manson fan, nor do I have any remorse for anyone involved in any killings.

Sharon Tate’s mother Doris Tate helped make changes in the amendment of California laws for victims of violent crimes. Learn more about her foundation here; i CAN. Doris Tate made sure that Manson and his crew did not get granted parole, and hopefully it stays that way til they all die.

I do recommend people watch this movie which you can check out at your local library (weeeird.)

Helter Skelter

It’s pretty crazy knowing that The Manson family lived near where I live, -Chatsworth. eee.

“Scenes from Hendrickson ‘Manson’ documentary. Charles Manson.” (real footage)

So with all this said,
Do what you want.
Live and let live.
Dont let anyone control you.
Be happy, and dont hurt anyone.
We have to stick together and spread smiles.
Lets all help each other when we can.

Now to try to lighten things back up… Here’s an iSg photo flashback. :)

Found these photos from 2006,

RLO, CYN, —, MEL. flashback March 2006. Simi Valley, CA.
So old, and bad, but GOOD. Sexy, cheeeze, sleeaze.

RLO, CYN, Jimmy, —, MEL. flashback March 2006. Simi Valley, CA.
40th Anniversary Of Sharon Tate's Murder By The Charles Manson Gang. Charles Manson looking fool, with the iSg girls in March 2006.

Love and World Peace,

Reviews. on películas.

Friday, August 7th, 2009

new category. =)

REVIEWS! On anything and everything that is THE shit or just SHIT.

Movies I recommend you watch-

If you’re feeling political;

Iron Jawed Angels


If you’re feeling like Trannys;

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Paris Is Burning

If you’re feeling artsy fartsy;

I Shot Andy Warhol


All these movies will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired.

Photo Break! #1

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Take a break. Look at some photos. Click some links.

Shot by: Dave Z. Franzese in Indiana, USA.

Shot by: ZeBek in the Castle of the Knights of St.John. Rhodes, Greece.
You know it feels good when your eyes close and you dont catch yourself til after youre done being caught up in the moment.  mmm, good scratch.

Shot by: Ian Reid in East Hampton,NY. U.S.A.

Shot by: RLO in Tienda de Artesanías: Rosarito B.C. Mexico.
El Hippo tiene hambre!

RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #2

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Yo! This my buddy Skerrit and he takes humpin (or Daggerin’) to a whole other level.

Pon De Floor featuring Afro Jack & VYBZ Cartel from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

Diplo & Switch presents “Major Lazer – Pon de floor” video. Its an interesting take on the daggerin craze from Director Eric Wareheim (of Adult Swims Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job). Skerrit B

R to the L-O

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

I swear i dont have daddy issues. =)
Dear poppa. This is what i think of you. Well my thoughts in 2001.

2001 Snapshot of a page in Ze iSg O.G. zine.
2001 Snapshot of Ze iSg o.g. zine.

“Father of mine, tell me where did you go?”- everclear

I always sit and ponder how it would be to have a pops. I always think that i could have had a car (my dad is armenian), hah, and like a house and really good grades, and i wouldnt have a boyfriend (i love my boyfriend), and my boy toy wouldnt be able to spend the night, and maybe my mum wouldnt kill herself working, and i would get along w/ my evil twin, and i wouldnt have colored hair, and i might be able to play 5 instruments and speak 5 languages, and maybe i would be a bad kid trying to rebel cause iam not as much right now cause my mum pretty much lets me do as i wish. I love my mumzies a lot, but i would also love to have a papa to say i love, and stuff. Do you think i’ll ever see that guy again? Maybe hes dead. I wonder if he even knows my birthday, or if he thinks of my mother or my sis and i. Or that one time when my mum killed his bird cause she took it a shower cause it wouldnt shut up and told my dad that she found him dead in the pond. Well, all i wish for is a car.

Love and World Peace,