Cholas Turned Warholas



Cholas Turned Warholas
ZeBekwarhola shot by: Yoko Yano
RLOwarhola shot by: CARo
CYNwarhola shot by: David S. Field
MELwarhola shot by: ZeBek
Color Theory played and made by: RLOgarbage
Concept/Hair/MakeUp/Design: ZeBekgarbage


Inspired by:

I Shot Andy Warhol


Hi everyone.
Have some fun clicking some links and take a looksie at our photos.
This is PART 1 of iSg’s Andy Warhol tributes.

Special thanks to my homegirl RLOgarbage. This hyna has mad skillz.

Love for the pop art,

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7 Responses to “Cholas Turned Warholas

  1. sloth Says:

    yo, i like my ladies like i like my ice cream. in all colors and flavors. looking at this, it’s like being in a baskin and robbin’s… so many choices!

  2. zebek Says:

    woooooo. yeeeeaaaah baaaby!

  3. arlo Says:

    no problemo. we’z a teammmmm

  4. zebek Says:

    Partner in crime and world travels!

    B+A for lyfers. hahaha

  5. Josh Gallo Says:

    When are the 4 of you gonna get naked and pose for me.

  6. fawn Says:

    You girls got some serious push :)

  7. zebek Says:

    we have strong hands :)

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