Call me! same #.

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Yes, that was me.
Makin’ all the girls get naked….

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4 Responses to “Call me! same #.”

  1. Front Desk Agent Says:

    Hey R to the LO,
    You left your Pink Purse at the Downtown Standard and it’s at the Front Desk. FYI

  2. zebek Says:

    Hi there! It’s actually not RLO’s purse! I (ZeBek) left my pink purse there. :P
    I’m gonna pick it up soon this week! Please hold on to it! And check the zine again and again! :)
    muchisimos gracias! Danke! Arigato! Efarasto! Grazie! Merci!
    See ya soon.
    Meow, ciaaao,

  3. Michelle Anne Garcia Says:

    Hey my names Michelle =) and i found you on Model Mayhem. I used to go to Birmingham and i remember you for always having cool hair. lol I am also a make up artist but i don’t really do hair. i was wondering if you do hair (cut and color)? well hope to hear from you soon cause i have an event to go to this Friday! You can reach me@ 818-486-2444

  4. Andrew Hawkins Says:

    Hi my name is Andrew and I was blown away when I saw you worked in the sex industry, I love everything about the sex industry, Ive always wanted to work in the sex industry but I dont think you have or ever work with guys before, well if so you can contact me @ 336-214-4583

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