RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #5

i’d be proud if i was their daddy…SKILLS!

<3 R to the L-O

4 Responses to “RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #5”

  1. zebek Says:

    HOLY SHIT. Inspired!! You know who can teach us all this? Josh Gallo. No lie, he has a pole in his room and i’ve seen him get wild on it. No, hes not gay at ALL, but he can work the pole like these chicks. =) wow. i’m going to watch again and again. I remember judging Miss Deja Vu stripper contest one time, and the ghetto girls were pretty good too, they need more ghetto in this mix. Amazing none the less.

  2. arlo Says:

    ^_^ let’s do it.

  3. 1oddgent Says:

    how ironic that i know someone who will probably be making a future doing this. now she’ll have something high to aim for. :)

  4. zebek Says:

    haha. shooooooooooot

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