Chicks with Dicks

I’ve been a tranny supporter since i was a weeee lad. I am not gonna say when RLO first noticed she was a tranny lover. =)



9 Responses to “Chicks with Dicks”

  1. arlo Says:

    ^_^ i just wish they didn’t hurt like a motha…

  2. zebek Says:

    haha. you talkin’ bout the trannys or the heels? ;)

  3. arlo Says:

    ;) haha shaddup.

  4. 1oddgent Says:

    actually, there’s a study saying that females who wear heels are typically more sexual then those that don’t. So if heels = sex then count myself and practically every sane guy to give a big thumbs up to heels. Stripper heels aka “fuck me pumps” especially. :)

  5. zebek Says:

    yeah! i wear heels mostly on the weekends and at night. ;) what does that mean exactly?? cant say! also, not saying you wont catch me wearing heels while cooking breakfast. haha

  6. 1oddgent Says:

    Girls that arrive at nite and stay for breakfast are more then welcome to rock out the heels. Goes to show that study was right.

  7. krioro Says:

    How about guys wearing heels? As in not trannies but your regular cool guy, Prince for example. I personally think he’s very sexy. Never wore heels myself though. Alright, fine, I’ll admit it, I tried my mom’s heels on a couple of times when I was a kid. But I like them better on others.

    P.S. I <3 ZeBek, heels or no heels.

  8. fawn Says:

    so is she a tranny too? the chick in that video…

  9. zebek Says:

    Fawn- noooooo! hahaha. shes a reeeal girl.

    Krioro- hmm. guys in heels…. Well i remember when i had boyfriends i had fun. I’d make them wear my lingerie for me and dance, so i guess guys in heels would be chill, but only for like 10 min! ;) I have thin feet and i dont want my heels all stretched out.

    ZeBek <3's Krioro ;)

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