RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #4

Good general advice yo’.

– <3 R to the L o


7 Responses to “RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #4”

  1. zebek Says:

    hahaha. Is RLO making fun of me w/ my ask ZeBek (reports) hahahaha.

  2. salenastar Says:

    I love it! I wanna send in some questions to Propecia…. “Propecia what should I do? I’m outa weed and I just had 3 teeth extracted. The vicodin the dentist gave me makes me sick.” LMAO

  3. sloth Says:

    i love crochet!

  4. 1oddgent Says:

    True words of wisdom right there. Life changing in fact.

  5. ramon Says:

    that shit is fucken funny……lol

  6. zebek Says:

    hahaha, Salena-

    i’m going to find her for you! haha. =)

    But what i think is we should get some weeeeed cake! its soft so you can practically swallow it. =) yummy.

  7. sloth Says:

    yo, they have weed soda too.

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