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Cholas Turned Warholas

Monday, August 31st, 2009



Cholas Turned Warholas
ZeBekwarhola shot by: Yoko Yano
RLOwarhola shot by: CARo
CYNwarhola shot by: David S. Field
MELwarhola shot by: ZeBek
Color Theory played and made by: RLOgarbage
Concept/Hair/MakeUp/Design: ZeBekgarbage


Inspired by:

I Shot Andy Warhol


Hi everyone.
Have some fun clicking some links and take a looksie at our photos.
This is PART 1 of iSg’s Andy Warhol tributes.

Special thanks to my homegirl RLOgarbage. This hyna has mad skillz.

Love for the pop art,

Call me! same #.

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

store: iSCREAMgarbage’s Tiendita

Make-Ups: iEATmake-up.

Our Boob Tube

Yes, that was me.
Makin’ all the girls get naked….

True LifeMTV Shows

ZeBek does the octoPUS.

Friday, August 28th, 2009

This is not about
Doctor Octopus
or Octomom

This is about my love for ze Octopus. Me gusta la octopusa!

I did a little wiki search and here’s what i found; neat things you may already know or not know about Octopuses.

1. Octopuses have three hearts. Two pump blood through each of the two gills, while the third pumps blood through the body.

2. An octopus’s suction cups are equipped with chemoreceptors so that the octopus can taste what it is touching.

3. According to the USDA Nutrient Database (2007), cooked octopus contains approximately 139 calories per three ounce portion, and is a source of vitamin B3, B12, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium

4. Octopuses often escape even from supposedly secure tanks, due to their problem solving skills, mobility and lack of rigid structure.Octopuses are highly intelligent, probably the most intelligent of all invertebrates.

5. Most octopuses can eject a thick blackish ink in a large cloud to aid in escaping from predators. The main colouring agent of the ink is melanin.

6. An octopus has a hard beak, with its mouth at the center point of the arms.

7. When under attack, some octopuses can perform arm autotomy, in a similar manner to the way skinks and other lizards detach their tails. The crawling arm serves as a distraction to would-be predators.

8. There are around 300 recognized octopus species, which is over one-third of the total number of known cephalopod species.All octopuses are venomous, but only the small blue-ringed octopuses are deadly to humans.

The following 3 photos were taken by me in Greece, 2008.
Lardos. Rhodos, Greece.

(Thira) Santorini, Greece.

Lardos. Rhodos, Greece.

Here’s a hair piece I created for iSCREAMgarbage. I call it…

Pulpo and ZeBek

Octopus and ZeBek

Tako and ZeBek

3 Photos taken by: Yoko Yano
Hair/Make Up/styling: ZeBekgarbage
Octopeace (for your hurr): iSCREAMgarbage

I love Cartoonies!

Also join/check out my flickr group dedicated to my 8 legged tasty friend:
Anything and everything Octopus, pulpo, tako.

Octopus lover,

RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #5

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

i’d be proud if i was their daddy…SKILLS!

<3 R to the L-O

Chicks with Dicks

Friday, August 21st, 2009

I’ve been a tranny supporter since i was a weeee lad. I am not gonna say when RLO first noticed she was a tranny lover. =)



RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #4

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Good general advice yo’.

– <3 R to the L o

Photo Break! #3

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I love these photos!

Taken by Claire Woods
virginia and julia
Miguel Ángel Azúa García in Mexico.
Blue Demon Jr.

Taken by ZeBek in Mexico.
El Mariachi
My favorite picture from the trip! Muy Fuerte! ( oh, so strooong.)

Taken by Ian Reid in New York.
One Eyed Willy

Love and bunnies,

BRAZAHOOD! Comic boys meet the garbage girls.

Friday, August 14th, 2009

We love Munki and Sloth! Apparently, they love us too… in a creepy weird, okay way i guess. ;)

Listen to our podcast done by Munki and Sloth and hear them try to get fresh with us. (It was our very first interview.)
You’ll also be in the know about our kinky gossip and you’ll see just how much the garbage girls really love each other. mmm. gaaaarbage giiirrrls.

Do the garbage girls make out with each other?

The make up in this comic entitled “Hi, Hoe” was inspired by iSg’s garbage girls’ make up. =) yay.

And this one is my favorite so far. =) See my photo,
This painting made me laugh more than any other.
then check out the comic.

Lurk around their site BRAZAHOOD , it might tickle your pickle.

P.S. See photos of us getting freaky geeky at Comic Con- San Diego.

Photo Break! (just a quick one.) #2

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

(If youre into neat photos, join Gallo’s site, and add me on there. ZeBekgarbage )


May you be blessed with boobs and more boobs.


RLO’s VIDEO of the Hump Day! #3

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

tranny with killer bass skills.

<3, R-to the-L-O