.ZeBek Reports.

I am a huge fan of Alfred C. Kinsey.

Watch the movie! Kinsey.
I thought my interest in sex and sexual behavior and all things sex was normal, but I think i’m more into learning about sex than the average person. I used to check out all kinds of books and magazines from the library when i was very young. I remember being upset when everyone was laughing in 4th grade during sex ed. I was trying to pay close attention and the giggles were too much. Which is why I had to do research on my own.

I’ve decided that I have way too much of this sex info. just stored in my head so I might as well share it with you. And if you have some sex info. you think I might find enlightening please do share it with me.

I will be accepting questions for this zine for ZeBek Reports, -titled in honor of the Kinsey Reports.
You can
email me at ZeBek@iSCREAMgarbage.com
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or myspace me .
Of course if you wish you can remain Anonymous.

My first question is from David Romo of Briefcase Scenario

p.s. LADIES!! He is Single! ;)
and he co-owns Double Million Records.

David Romo:
why do I cry every-time I orgasm? is it something I should be worried about?
July 15 at 2:04pm ·

no way! thats normal! Crying helps realese these invisible emotions in your eyes. Thats why you should never hold back from crying because then youre going to hold those emotions and explode one day. And then if that happens what are we gonna do w/ the romo meat? i’m trying to go pescatarian yo! xoxo
July 15 at 2:24pm

But really you guys. I’m serious. Help me help you. Ask me any sex question and i’ll answer them all in a serious manner.

Love and World Peace,

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