Meet iSg’s uncle- FROPIK

Its is my pleasure to introduce to you someone i highly respect. iSg’s uncle, Fropik. Sean, “the writer.”
Its funny how he and i met. I was 15 years old, lurking the net and i came across some articles. I found out Fropik was the author. It wasnt like omg i’m in love w/ this guy who’s way older than me. It was more like “omg, this guy is insanely awesome! and i want to know him. He’s so gonna be famous. Theres no way he can not be famous. his writing is sooo good!!!!”
So i hit him up, like yo. and he was like “back off child. leave me the fuck alone.” I was not discouraged, i wrote again. I told him how awesome i thought he was, and how brilliant i found his writing to be. He then wrote back, and i imagine his face and expression being more like “oh hey. you like my writing….” haha. So then we became friends, and now are family (iSg mafia style.) He was even my roommate at one point.
Anyway, this guy is awesome and i know you’ll enjoy his stuff if you enjoy reading gangsta writings, punk rock style.
Here’s our first post from Uncle Fropik;

Way back in the dark ages (1996), Sofia Coppola and Zoe Cassavetes were the coolest people in the universe, and, for no other reason than because they kicked so much ass and had so many cool friends, they were given their own TV show on Comedy Central, “Hi Octane”, which, like Lava Diva, Sassy magazine, Riot Grrrl, Simple Machines Records and most of the other really cool shit of that time, went away too quickly. X Girl runway shows on the streets of SoHo, Thurston Moore bugging Vogue magazine’s editor in chief, Tommy Ramone giving fashion advice, etc…- Shalom Harlow had some fashion show on MTV as well, and yeah, she’s pretty hot, but only suckas watched that. If you knew your shit, if you had any indie cred whatever, you watched Hi Octane. Sure, a bunch of haters noted that the only reason Sofia and Zoe had any cool friends (or a TV show for that matter) was because of their famous fathers (it would still be a few years before “lliK the staR” and almost a decade before “Lost in Translation”), but part of the reason they were so cool was because, unlike everyone else of that slow-witted, officious decade, they genuinely didn’t care what some smug cliche in a coffee house thought. If you had a problem with soulless pondscum like Karl Lagerfeld, or if you took issue with the fact that all models, by their very nature, are vacuous and ornamental, well, whatevs, we’ll just get our dope from someone cooler than you. (Oh yeah, Sofia was the first woman to be nominated for a best director Academy Award, and she won for best screenplay. Do you have an Academy Award? No, you do not.)
I would hesitate to compare the iSg empire to anything from the 1990s, because I wouldn’t want to suggest that they’re antiquated, and the only thing that sucked more than the 1990s is our present decade. But it does remind me of Hi Octane (only sexier). ISG is totally involving and vibrant and femmy and brilliant and cool. You really want to know what fiasco they’re perpetrating this week, and you want to be a part of it. You may not have heard the Nazarian name quite yet, but give it a little time- you will. Dig it, you lucky fucks.
Thus spoke Sean. Amen.

p.s. This is Fropik. And he’s single!! ;)

Love & World peace,

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