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This is not a Déjà Vu.

Friday, July 31st, 2009

This is a Deja Mae Howell.

She’s a dear friend of mine. We met in college- FIDM class of 2006. Product Development.

I always get these photoshoot ideas/visions in my head and I go nuts if i dont play them out.
I remember one night getting this vision of a hot club chick using a porta potty. The first person who popped in my head to model for it was Deja Mae!
I didnt know if she would take offense or be down.
Down! (Shot by Adam.)

So now Deja and I do a lot of collabo’s together with our dear friend Josh Gallo (thanks for introducing him to me Deja.) We shoot shoot shoot.

Reasons why you should know her:
She’s kool!
She models.
she plays guitar.
she makes jewelry and accessories.
shes a math genius.
she can drive stick.
she likes to travel.
shes tall- 5’10 and half! yum. Legs for days.
Shes on IMDB.
Shes a stunt girl.
She LOVES music.
She’s tough.
She rides horses.
and she’s single.

She’s so down to earth. Hit her up and you’ll see. SHE’S VERY SHY! =)

Deja had two pet buffalos! =)

We recently went to
Nashville, TN. (click to see photos from our trip.)

to hang out with our friend DUNE and Deja fucked up her knee jumping off a rope swing into a river.
She’s such a trooper that she didnt say anything til i eventually jumped off the tree. Unfortunately for Deja i was last to go, and it took me 20 min. to jump because i was so scared! haha. She just encouraged me the whole time. I get out of the water all hyped and shes like, we need to go to the E.R. NOW. And i’m like “Why didnt you say anything crazy girl!?” and she’s like, ” because i wanted you to jump.” hahaha. pinche loca. I love you Dej!
Deja is working on her calendar due out next year, so look out. She is the bizness!

buy her creations here.

Deja played a Dead girl on CSI:

Deja is a featured model for iSg.
Shot by Josh Gallo:
BIKE ME by iSCREAMgarbage.

Love and World Peace,

RLOs poppin’ your cherry today!! #1!

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

In honor of our Zine’s 2 week anniversary RLO and i created a category titled:

RLOs picvid of the HUMP DAY

RLO is going to come at you or on you with her video or picture of the week. You may get lucky one week and score both with her, but i can’t make you any promises.
Today, she pops your cherry with this video!

RLO says,”Dog just wanna get some head from that pussy.”
– <3 R-to the-L-O aaaaaaaa

Be sure the check back next

AND every

Love and world Peace,

.ZeBek Reports.

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

I am a huge fan of Alfred C. Kinsey.

Watch the movie! Kinsey.
I thought my interest in sex and sexual behavior and all things sex was normal, but I think i’m more into learning about sex than the average person. I used to check out all kinds of books and magazines from the library when i was very young. I remember being upset when everyone was laughing in 4th grade during sex ed. I was trying to pay close attention and the giggles were too much. Which is why I had to do research on my own.

I’ve decided that I have way too much of this sex info. just stored in my head so I might as well share it with you. And if you have some sex info. you think I might find enlightening please do share it with me.

I will be accepting questions for this zine for ZeBek Reports, -titled in honor of the Kinsey Reports.
You can
email me at
facebook me
or myspace me .
Of course if you wish you can remain Anonymous.

My first question is from David Romo of Briefcase Scenario

p.s. LADIES!! He is Single! ;)
and he co-owns Double Million Records.

David Romo:
why do I cry every-time I orgasm? is it something I should be worried about?
July 15 at 2:04pm ·

no way! thats normal! Crying helps realese these invisible emotions in your eyes. Thats why you should never hold back from crying because then youre going to hold those emotions and explode one day. And then if that happens what are we gonna do w/ the romo meat? i’m trying to go pescatarian yo! xoxo
July 15 at 2:24pm

But really you guys. I’m serious. Help me help you. Ask me any sex question and i’ll answer them all in a serious manner.

Love and World Peace,


Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

So MR was my man for a quick minute. Ha. Mainly our connection was freaky deaky, and for the most part that was it.

I swear I think I gave MR more head in 6 months than I gave Jeff in 5 years. Haha. Dude, not my fault, Jeff’s cum tasted horrible!! And MR’s happen to be edible.
But on that note Jeff was the best face I ever got, and MR- well I tried teaching him a thing or two. Hopefully he got better cause he was just aiight at giving face.

MR and I had one of those gay amazing days at the beach like out of the intro scene in the movie Grease. And so we’re driving home and he asks if I want to check out this kool spot down a creek. It was nice, water, rocks, a trail, and graffiti. He was more on the innocent side in the beginning. I was always having to rape him and take his clothes off because he was shy. So after begging for a while to give him some head he sort of gives in. I’m on my knees on the rocky dirt and hes all super nervous because people could pop out, out of nowhere. I don’t give a shit I’m horny. And so I have one hand for balance on the floor and the other i wont say i’m sure you have an imagination, but minutes later I start yelling all crazy. Hahaha. MR was soo scared like “whats wrong?!” and then I look at my arm and its all covered with little black ants all trailing up my arm for some head action. Hahah. Omg it was soo gross and talk about “way to ruin the moment.” So we try and get those little fuckers off me and run off back into the car. Shit was fun and funny. I love nature.
Love and World Peace,

.Ze Bird givin’ you the bird.

Friday, July 24th, 2009

As you all know, I suck at drawing.
I can maybe paint some letters,

and paint some faces,

but I cannot draw for shit.

RLO on the other hand was born with the skill and talent of drawing, odd enough, so was her sister CARo.
This is how it works @ iSg-
I get these bogus ideas in my head, I relay them to RLO, and we go thru a couple sketches before I choose which one actually looks like the one in my head. I am very lucky that RLO and I are connected in this way since my hands and brain are not. She can relay on paper what I see in my brain as far as drawing goes.
We’ve been doing this since 2001 for iSCREAMgarbage.
When I was 16 I was working on my zine and I was like, “RLO! I need you to draw me an old school garbage can with ice cream screaming garbage.” Even tho I knew this hot bitch had mad skills I didn’t think she could make it happen. But she did! She fucken did exactly what I wanted her to.

This flamingo is one of our earlier designs- from 2004. I wanted my favorite bird to give you the bird. We went thru 3 sketches before I chose this as the final.
I’ve printed this design 24 times on 2 different tops. The first 12 are all gone. Katy Perry owns one of them!
Apparently Katy Perry asked KRI where she got her flamingo shirt. (
Now I only have 9 dresses left for this flamingo. I don’t think I’m going to retire the flamingo just yet, but who knows. You know me.
Its only $23.85 (because I’m 23 years old, born in ’85.) $1 goes to the flamingos at the L.A. Zoo.
You can wear it as a dress or a shirt. Off the shoulders or on the shoulders.
Screen printed by some older punk rock people in the Valley on American apparel clothing.
Here’s a look @ our impromptu photoshoot from yesterday. THANKS RLO n CARo!
Model: RLOgarbage
Photo: CARo.
ZeBek’s Haus. West Hills,CA.
Hair/MakeUp/Stylin’: ZeBekgarbage

Ju like?Enough said.Bird givin' you the bird by iSCREAMgarbageiSg only has 9 of these dresses. $23.85 (bcuz i'm 23 yrs old, born in '85.) Lemme know if you wanna buy one. P.S. $1 goes to the flamingos @ ze l.a. zoo

Love & World Peace,

Interview with a sex slave- cumming soon.-UPDATED

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Checking my email. Just finished reading this.

Dear Rebekah,

After seeing you dancing to Major Lazer’s Hold The Line I fell in love with your hair. And several other parts of you. So I e-investigated you, looked at your myspace, flickr, iSCREAMgarbage, ieatmakeup. Hm, sounds a bit stalkerish, but I’m blaming your captivating looks for that. Anyway, from what I read, you seem to be a cool person in general. And turns out all your musical choices are awesome.

A fact about me is that I love music (all kinds). Listening to it, reading about artists, finding stuff I don’t know yet, the whole phenomenon really. This brings me to my main question: Do you happen to have a account? If so, I’d love to check it out. I bet you have gems I’ve never heard before. If not, never mind this question.

Since I do realize you run a business and all, I’ll throw some business in so this e-mail isn’t completely useless. Ok, maybe it still is, but hey I’m trying. Here we go: I hereby apply for a position as your personal assistant.

I’m a university dropout (corporate finance), a nice guy, and you’re a makeup artist so I’m sure you can make something of my face too. I speak fluent Dutch (I was born and raised in the Netherlands, still live in The Netherlands, but am of mixed European/African/Asian origin) and English (dated an Australian girl for 2 years and hung around there), and a little bit of German, Spanish, French, and Sranan Tongo (language of Suriname, my dad’s from there, you might know some of the music if you’ve listened to all of the Mad Decent podcasts). And I’d be your personal sex slave anytime. If necessary, that actually goes for the whole iSCREAMgarbage crew.

At the moment I have a crappy office job here, so obviously I’m available from today. I’m looking forward to your thoughts. If you would like an interview, you’re always welcome in Amsterdam, or you could fly me over to the US, I don’t mind at all.

Last but not least I’d like to stress that I’m not even kidding. And that I’ve got nothing but love for you anyway. This might mean nothing coming from a total stranger, but in case it does, you know now.

I wish you peace, love, and happiness miss Rebekah.


So i replied:
Youre in luck!

I’ve actually been looking for an assistant (mainly to feed my cat and be my sex slave. I might share you w/ a garbage girl or two or three.)
Anywhoo, i will be in Amsterdam in October. We can set up a date and time to have this interview which shouldnt last long. I will be looking for charm, good looks, nice nails, and the ability to pour cat food into a bowl.

For now, i’m making porno, so i must get back to you- sooner than later. October!! You best be ready for us!! No lie. I will be backpacking in Europe w/ a fellow garbage girl (RLO, and her man along w/ my other tall female roomate.)

MUCH LOVE, and cant wait to do business with ya!

Love and World Peace,

then he replied again:
Wow this is truly an awesome opportunity for the both of us! I happen to be great at feeding cats and being a sex slave. The sharing part is no problem whatsoever, I’ve got plenty of love to give.

Hm let me check my schedule to see if I have time in October. Ok, who am I kidding, any time works for me. I might be going to Barcelona for a few days this fall, but that’s movable. Btw, I was actually wondering how the hell you could visit Europe without seeing the great city of Amsterdam, but I’m glad you’re coming over this time, good girl!

Thanks for the heads up too. I’ll be finetuning my natural charm, training my catfoodpourskills, keeping my nails neat, and trying to look decent. Ah, my birthday’s in September, so I’ll be 29, even closer to the ultimate sexy man age of 30. This should be an advantage, ha!

Anyway, in the meantime I’ll check for the best parties in Amsterdam in October. I’ll go for weird hip crazy shit, since I know for a fact you can get down to Major Lazer. You just be good, stay pretty, and make some great porno. Let me know when you’ll be here and I’ll be ready.

One love! (or two or three or four, depending on how many people you’d like to share it with)



Here’s the vid. Jason is speaking of.
As seen on MAD DECENT’s blog.
DIRECTED BY RLOgarbage and Edited by Escargot

The first time I got felt up-

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

By Jeffrey Raymond Walker.

Jeff and I started being girlfriend and boyfriend when I was 15 about to turn 16, and he was 14 about to turn 15.
For a while I thought he was a hot mute boy. Didn’t talk much, just laughed a lot and stared at me a lot. For the first few months all we did was make out, hold hands and hang out at the library.
We went to different high schools but luckily through friends we found a way to carpool together. So we’d meet after school, get dropped off at a bus stop and bus it to the public library.
Now lemme tell you;
It was the perfect way and place to get my boobies (they were a small 34C) touched at the young/old age of 16. We didn’t talk. No way. We were too busy enjoying these fuzzy buzzy feelings in our gay hearts and our genitals. So a week or two into our relationship, at the library I remember looking at the time and being like, “oh shit, my moms gonna be here soon!”
I go to the bathroom to make sure I don’t look like I just tongue kissed a hot boy for hours, and as I’m going tinkle I look down at my chonies and I’m like daaaaaaaaamn my panties are WET. What is all this madness? Hahaha.
Nothing makes my panties more soaking wet than laying down on a green grassy lawn near an artsy looking building full of books and books and magazines and movies, with an arm down my shirt and a hand on my tit. Oh boy, those were the good old days.
boob touchee,

Damn we don’t look so cute here. haha.
09/15/2001 Me:15 yrs old. He: 14 yrs old.

see my blue hair? :)

Love Trauma a.k.a. ZeBek’s ex-boyfriend diaries.

Monday, July 20th, 2009

So i decided to make a category entitled Love Trauma. Which are to be my ex-boyfriend diaries.
Like everyone, i’ve experienced love trauma and i am now happy to share it with you all. hehe.

Seriously, its all the same bullshit but i’d like to write about it now for you all to read. Why? Because some shit is funny, some shit is good, and some shit is just shit to pass time.

So let the blood run, with tissue. out of my pussy. No babies included. ever- yet.

I’ve only had 2 boyfriends in my life. Well 3 sorta.
When i was 14 i met some guy at Magic Mountain and he said he was 17. I thought i was hot cause this older guy liked me. Long story short, turns out he lied. He was really 19 and talking marriage after 2 months. Gross!!!! I attracted a pedifile. ewwww!! Whats wrong w/ me?!
Anyway, i stopped talking to that freak after he started getting all territorial with my ass. Plus at the time even i knew anyone that much older should not like a kid. Its wrong yo. Even if i dress “slutty” which i did on occasion. It doesn’t mean i want an old ass man trying to get with me. It means i’m a dumb ass teenager aware of my budding titties, and power to ruin other lives, meaning i could be a home wrecker if i was more like Lolita.
But yeah fuck that fool. He doesn’t count.

I’m gonna tell some great stories thru time about my two ex’s.
The first one named Jeffrey Raymond Walker. He lasted a little over 5 years.
And the 2nd one i’ll call- MR.- this one only lasted 6 months. ha.

Till next time….

Love & World Peace,

iSg’s Crew

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Models iSg supports:

Deja Mae

Munki & Sloth:

iSg’s FAVORITE photographers out there:
Josh Gallo




Meet iSg’s uncle- FROPIK

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Its is my pleasure to introduce to you someone i highly respect. iSg’s uncle, Fropik. Sean, “the writer.”
Its funny how he and i met. I was 15 years old, lurking the net and i came across some articles. I found out Fropik was the author. It wasnt like omg i’m in love w/ this guy who’s way older than me. It was more like “omg, this guy is insanely awesome! and i want to know him. He’s so gonna be famous. Theres no way he can not be famous. his writing is sooo good!!!!”
So i hit him up, like yo. and he was like “back off child. leave me the fuck alone.” I was not discouraged, i wrote again. I told him how awesome i thought he was, and how brilliant i found his writing to be. He then wrote back, and i imagine his face and expression being more like “oh hey. you like my writing….” haha. So then we became friends, and now are family (iSg mafia style.) He was even my roommate at one point.
Anyway, this guy is awesome and i know you’ll enjoy his stuff if you enjoy reading gangsta writings, punk rock style.
Here’s our first post from Uncle Fropik;

Way back in the dark ages (1996), Sofia Coppola and Zoe Cassavetes were the coolest people in the universe, and, for no other reason than because they kicked so much ass and had so many cool friends, they were given their own TV show on Comedy Central, “Hi Octane”, which, like Lava Diva, Sassy magazine, Riot Grrrl, Simple Machines Records and most of the other really cool shit of that time, went away too quickly. X Girl runway shows on the streets of SoHo, Thurston Moore bugging Vogue magazine’s editor in chief, Tommy Ramone giving fashion advice, etc…- Shalom Harlow had some fashion show on MTV as well, and yeah, she’s pretty hot, but only suckas watched that. If you knew your shit, if you had any indie cred whatever, you watched Hi Octane. Sure, a bunch of haters noted that the only reason Sofia and Zoe had any cool friends (or a TV show for that matter) was because of their famous fathers (it would still be a few years before “lliK the staR” and almost a decade before “Lost in Translation”), but part of the reason they were so cool was because, unlike everyone else of that slow-witted, officious decade, they genuinely didn’t care what some smug cliche in a coffee house thought. If you had a problem with soulless pondscum like Karl Lagerfeld, or if you took issue with the fact that all models, by their very nature, are vacuous and ornamental, well, whatevs, we’ll just get our dope from someone cooler than you. (Oh yeah, Sofia was the first woman to be nominated for a best director Academy Award, and she won for best screenplay. Do you have an Academy Award? No, you do not.)
I would hesitate to compare the iSg empire to anything from the 1990s, because I wouldn’t want to suggest that they’re antiquated, and the only thing that sucked more than the 1990s is our present decade. But it does remind me of Hi Octane (only sexier). ISG is totally involving and vibrant and femmy and brilliant and cool. You really want to know what fiasco they’re perpetrating this week, and you want to be a part of it. You may not have heard the Nazarian name quite yet, but give it a little time- you will. Dig it, you lucky fucks.
Thus spoke Sean. Amen.

p.s. This is Fropik. And he’s single!! ;)

Love & World peace,